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Case Study: Cinema Industry

  • Sector Overview: Cinema Industry

    In 2023, the United Kingdom’s cinema sector stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, having weathered the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and adapted to a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape. From the recovery efforts following the pandemic-induced disruptions to the integration of cutting-edge technologies and the coexistence with streaming services, the UK cinema sector reflects a resilient industry that continues to captivate audiences with diverse content while embracing sustainability and technological advancements.

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  • Our Client

    C2 Hospitality Recruitment began a partnership with one of the UK’s leading cinema operators back in 2016 which has continued to flourish ever since. During this time, C2 have successfully placed more than 100 candidates into their business, whilst offering a consultative service on all areas of recruitment.

    Their requirement

    It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic hit the cinema industry hard, as it did many other areas of retail and hospitality. There was a period of uncertainty regarding the stability of the cinema industry as a whole, making attracting candidates all the more challenging. In many cases it is beneficial to fill vacant positions through internal development, however with a growing business this is not always possible. With a small HR team, busy Hiring Managers and limited recruitment resources, this is where partnering with a recruitment agency can add huge value to the process.

    Their Challenges

    Cinemas have always faced unique challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best talent, including:


    • Industry Experience: Finding candidates with relevant experience in the cinema industry can be difficult, especially for senior management roles.
    • Competition from Other Sectors: Candidates with transferable management skills are often sought after in other areas of the retail and hospitality industries.
    • Unique Venues: Two cinemas are rarely the same in terms of size, offerings and customer demographics, meaning that each vacancy will have its own set of individual requirements.
    • High Turnover: Cinemas often have a high staff turnover rate, especially for junior positions, so finding and training new employees can be a continuous process.
    • Varied Shift Schedules: Due to the nature of the business, Cinema managers need to be flexible with the hours that they work to include regular evenings, weekends, and bank holidays in addition to seasonal demands.

    What We Did

    C2 Recruitment work with all of our clients on a consultative basis, and act as a true partner to compliment their existing hiring teams. It is our goal to really understand the business and the unique way in which they operate, to enable us to recruit the best talent and support the growth of the business in the long term.
    A Consultative Approach
    Some of the guidance we have provided to this particular client includes market insights such as a salary benchmarking, advice on benefits packages and employer branding. With each of their venues being different to the next, it’s important to identify the individual requirements of each site from the hiring manager’s perspective and ensure that the candidate’s submitted complement the existing team and fill any skill gaps.
    Saving Time and Resources
    Hiring Managers often wear many hats, with recruitment forming just a small yet critical part of their role. We make this process as simple as possible for them, saving them valuable time through in-depth screening of candidates, submitting a handful of quality applicants as opposed to firing a huge quantity of CV’s at them, and coordinating the interview process and job offers.

    The Outcomes

    C2 Recruitment have successfully recruited over 100 supervisory and management roles for this Cinema operator, many of whom have enjoyed long and successful careers with the company. There have been fantastic examples of these Managers progressing through the business, whether that has been a promotion into a more senior role or progressing into a Flagship venue.

    Results In Numbers


    Acceptance Rate

    95% of all offers were accepted within 48 hours of being made.


    CV Hit Rate

    Of candidates submitted to the client received an interview request.


    Successful Hires

    We recruited over 100 managers into their business in a variety of UK locations.



    Working in partnership togther!

    Kelly is one of the strongest recruiters I know. She takes a real interest in the business and sees herself as a true partner rather than just a supplier. A very strong record of placements into our business and always a pleasure to work with I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly to anyone who asked.
    Head of People Operations, leading Cinema operator

    Leading Cinema Chain
    Head of People Operations


    C2 Hospitality Recruitment have had a significant impact on this business through delivering exceptional talent. Over the years, the relationship has gone from strength to strength, and we are immensely proud of the partnership that has been built.

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